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é Lei ( To You ), lyric by Perry Como

from the songs album In Italy

é lei la donna mia, ? lei
Che non potr? lasciare mai
Perch? ora lo so
Per l'eternit? il nostro amore durer?.

é lei la donna mia, ? lei
E a tutto il mondo grider?
Che tutta la mia vita, la mia felicit?
? lei, ? lei, ? lei . . .

To you, i give my heart completely,
To you, my love, forevermore,
All that i possess,
My life and nothin' less,
I offer humbly at your door!

To me, you bring a glimpse of heaven,
The world i really never knew,
And in return i'll give,
As long as i may live,
Devotion, only to you!

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