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Kick Out The Jams, lyric by Presidents of the United States of America

from the songs album Presidents Of The United States Of America

Well i've been elected to rock your asses 'till midnight
Well this is my term and i've shaved off my perm but it's alright
I solemnly swear to uphold the constitution
Got a rock 'n' roll problem well we got the solution
Just let me be who i am and let me kick out the jams yeah
Let me kick out the jams i done kicked 'em out
Well i've been selected to orbit the planet in a rocket in a rocket
I'm goin' to mars i got a message for the poodle in your pocket
In your pocket
Well mission control callin' supernova the hotline's rockin'
You can come on over and let us be who we am
And let us kick out the jams yeah
Kick out the jams we done kicked'em out

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