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Rectifier, lyric by Ra

from the songs album From One

I'm still afraid of ghosts that can see me
They know my thoughts, they read my mind
Beside myself I judge my condition
I close my eyes but can't go blind
I'm feeling all the heat, all the chaos
It's gotten underneath my skin
So far to go to reach absolution
My sanity, my soul runs thin

Why don't you care?
Don't, don't you dare.

Rectifier, how's the world supposed to be?
Rectifier, take my hand and rescue me. / Take my hand and set me free

I fell in love I made that decision
On broken hearts I cut my self
Despite the pain I maintain my position
And put good will up on the shelf
But now I'm stuck a chain with no linkage
A vagrant lover prisoner
Suspicious goals distort good intentions
Aggresive action batterer

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