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Read My Mind, lyric by Reba Mcentire

from the songs album Read My Mind

(keith thomas, melissa coleman, todd moore)

A penny for my thoughts you say
You want to know what i could be thinking
But as i speak the music starts to play
And the words just somehow slip away

Read my mind
It will tell you that i love you and
You're all i ever wanted in a man
You'd see how i feel
What my head won't let my heart reveal
If only you could read my mind

One look from you and look at me
I'm trembling like a little girl
I tell myself if i can just believe
Any day now you'll fall in love with me

Repeat chorus

Tell me if you feel the same way i do
And tell me that i'm not mistakenly taken with you

You're all i ever wanted in a man
You see, all i need is everything you are to me
If you could somehow read my mind
You would see what i can't seem to say
If only you could, if you would read my mind
Read my mind

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