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'Til I Loved You, lyric by Restless Heart

from the songs album Rca Country Legends

Til I loved you
I didn?t know the meaning of the word.
I was only takin?
Giving nothing in return
My life was an empty page
Less than an even trade

Til I loved you
My heart was an island unto itself
I thought I needed no one
Til I looked into your eyes
I knew it all right then
I saw what a fool I?d been

Til I loved you (til I loved you)
I didn?t know what I was missin?
Til I loved you
Taught me that dreamers don?t need wings to fly

Til I loved you
I had never tasted tears of joy
When I take you in my arms
There?s no doubt in my mind
This is where I belong
The loneliness is gone
I was livin? my life all wrong
Til I loved you

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