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Rainbow Crossing, lyric by Rufus Wainwright

from the songs album unknown

Well since you are my arch enemy, i'm gonna give you some time
With a heart that's full of alcohol water can be wine
Hope the rocks are not too slippery, when through the center i slay
Won't you stand in straight as an evergreen, when it all gives way
Brace yourself, this whole world will spin about
Since i'm the raft side of this pleasure
Those who have the sense to fear of me are the dark prince
And you are the peasant
Wait for me on the rainbow crossing
'cause i need you there for me to meet the maker
Finally, i will see your person, but my greatest fear are your shining features
So much time and crime that i've grown to love
Your fiery nation everywhere
On the rainbow crossing you can check your spears, your bows and arrows
Meet me there above the river flowing and we'll enter in with greatest zeros
Though they say valhalla ain't what it use to be
Still i recollect it can't be all that bad
No, it can't be any worse than a world without a friend

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