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Quand J'tais Chez Mon Pre, lyric by Sarah Brightman

from the songs album Trees They Grow So High

Quand j'?tais chez mon p?re,
Apprenti pastoureau,
Il m'a mis dans la lande,
Pour garder les troupiaux.
Troupiaux, troupiaux,
Je n'en avais gu?re.
Troupiaux, troupiaux,
Je n'en avais biaux.

Mais je n'en avais gu?re,
Je n'avais qu'trois agneaux;
Et le loup de la plaine
M'a mang? la plus biau.
Troupiaux, troupiaux, ...

Il ?tait si vorace
N'a laiss? que la piau,
N'a laiss? que la queue,
Pour mettre ? mon chapiau.
Troupiaux, troupiaux, ...

Mais des os de la b?te
Me fis un chalumiau
Pour jouer ? la f?te,
? la f?t' du hamiau.
Troupiaux, troupiaux, ...

Pour fair' danser l'village,
Dessous le grandormiau,
Et les jeun's et les vieilles,
Les pieds dan les sabiots.
Troupiaux, troupiaux, ...

When i lived with my father

When i lived with my father
As an apprentice shepherd,
He sent me to the moor
To look after the sheep.
Sheep, sheep,
I had but a few.
Sheep, sheep,
I had none that were bonny.

No, i had but a few,
I had but three lambs;
And the wolf from the plain
Ate the finest of those.
Sheep, sheep, ...

He was so ravenous
He left only the pelt,
He left only the tail
To put on my hat.
Sheep, sheep, ...

But the bones of the animal
Made me pipe
To play at the fair,
At the village fair.
Sheep, sheep, ...

So the village could dance
Beneath the great elm,
Young women and old
With clogs on their feet.
Sheep, sheep, ...

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