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Aunque No Salga El Sol (english Translation), lyric by Selena

from the songs album All My Hits-todo Mis Ex (vol.2)

"even if the sun doesn't rise"


Please remember! this translation is my personal work. it is sometimes difficult to translate word for word from spanish to english, so it may sound awkward in one languange when it is perfectly
Ral in the other. but i think you can get the general idea!

I wake up and go to sleep with you
In my dreams, you're always with me
There's not a moment that i'm not thinking
That finally, you keep loving me
The stars are in your eyes
Even if they say that they are in the sky
I don't know of sadness or anger
With your love, corazon*, i'm happy
Even if the sun doesn't rise
Even if the sun doesn't rise
Vida mia*, your warmth
Always runs through my veins
Even if the sun doesn't rise vida mia*,
You light me up, and calm my fears

*corazon-- term of affection in spanish (literally "heart")
*vida mia-- literally "my life"

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