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Voodoo Sacrifice, lyric by Sexy Sadie

from the songs album Onion Soup Triturated By Big Toxic

I run trough the night and I hide from your sight
I wear dark black glasses that protect from the light
And come from behind in a tracherous fight
never forgetting my smile
I feed up my needs but I never get higher
now I need to see your blood in a cup on an altar
I feed up my void in a voodoo sacrifice
'cause babe those things are all right
..Come to the party we're taking behind
where the kids are all good and the girls are all right
'Come to the party and let us see your smile
well, you know it's up to you
You walk down the street and you pass through the park
give your attention to the noise from behind
and watch out your left, and watch out your right
'cause babe I'm wearing my smile

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