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Rut, lyric by Shades Apart

from the songs album Dude Danger

I can't complain
About this rut i'm in
Day after day
These same walls i kick in
Rip out my hair
What's so unfair

Bent out of shape
Underestimate what i can take
It's easier to just break down
When you're not around anymore

Woe is me,
I just can't win
The cable's out again
Can't stand the neighbor's hollering'

It comes crashing down and i forget
That some hearts never mend
And it never ends
Even though i'm not pretending when i cry

I don't care
About this rut i'm in
No show to steal
By making a big deal if i fall down and what for

Fall so hard to seal my fate
Feel's so good to bellyache
It's gonna be one of those days
Break it down

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