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Ruth's Song, lyric by Sicboy

from the songs album Artificial Flavors

Never turn around, never look away.

Like a heart beat. She forgot to call me.
Blew my mind, every time, like a funky rhyme
Can you see this? How we always reminisce, you bear witness.
She seems to break my heart, everyday, every time, but we'll never be apart
But I this she seems to notice, how I will always miss you.

Never say goodbye.
Never said goodbye.
Feeling fine.

Never say goodbye.
Never said goodbye.
Gone away.

And her eyes, and her body. (Please breathe)
And her eyes, gone away. (Please breathe)

A beautiful day should come right here.
And take away all my fear.
That I feel from your departure.
Can you see how I remember?
Even thou we are so far apart.
But I?ll be there and I?ll comfort you.
In my dreams I will remember you.
Can you see what I have gone through?

Please breath ? and her eyes gone away

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