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Revolution, lyric by Skin

from the songs album Skin

Calling all the nations we gotta come together

Children of the future build a new tomorrow
You can't tell me what to say or do
Like a puppet on a string
I won't show you no prejudice
Of the colour of you skin
Is it love is it war, tell me what we're fighting for
Welcome to the revolution
Do we laugh, do we cry, mama watch your baby die
Welcome to the revolution

Ruthless politician blinding us with their lies
Countdown to destruction right in front of your eyes
I believe we're running out of time
We gotta make a stand
Only we can turn the world around
The power's in our hands

Don't want to fight no more
I see the walls come tumbling down
See us burn as we all fall down
You wake up screaming in the night
What comes form the left and goes to the right
The river's run dry and sky's turned red
Say your prayers cause tomorrow we'll be dead
Tell us God are we all too late
Will you save the world form the same sad fate


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