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No Connection, lyric by Sophie B Hawkins

from the songs album Timbre

i?m tired of waking up
i?m sick of rolling off the bus
i want to sleep forever
in the lies i?ve made
the checks have bounced
but the bills got paid so far
on the jaguar
i call myself
the lines get crossed
on the short wave i get cut off
?cause i can?t behave
very well
you think you know me
but you don?t know my way around
hell is just below me
and that?s why i keep falling down

i?m praying to resist temptation
staying within my constellation
weighing every intonation
betraying alienation

i quit sobriety
i joined up with insanity
i want to pull the lever on the hatch i built
escaping truth and avoiding guilt
so far
in the family car i get away
the border?s nearer than i thought
i?ll drive all day and i won?t get caught
the light is fading
and i haven?t had time to call
you must be waiting
for someone whose engines
won?t stall

i?m feeling the strings of your rejection
kneeling in the wrong direction
sealing my heart to your neglection
revealing no connection

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