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1-900-spice, lyric by Spice 1

from the songs album Spice 1

[ ant banks ]
Urrghhhh urrghhh... aw shit what?s this new 900 number shit
Let me call that shit and see what the fuck this is all about
This better not be no bullshit either
What the fuck is this ?
Who the fuck is this ?

[ spice 1 ]
Hello you reached the motherfuckin s-p-i-c-e
Meet with this nigga from 187 faculty
I'm fuckin it up cause i?m a nigga from the old school
Straight out the roots like some motherfuckin soul food
Niggas and bitches hear my rhyme and they be gettin loose
Because 187 proof will get the hoes juiced
Excuse expression but i'm simply just a crazy nigga
Who can't help kickin the funky shit to make my pockets bigger
And try to school s-p-i-c-e get a late pass
Because the fac is pumpin your ass up like a gauge blast
A-n-t-b-a-n-k-s is kickin funky jams
Knockin your niggas out the box like a batterram
I got the faculty in back of me don?t mess with me
Cause murderism is my motherfuckin specialty
Comin with the gangsta shit i kick it all the time bitch
Talkin bout killin motherfuckers dumpin 'em in a ditch
Cause if its funky yo its funky nigga deal wit it
Punk ass niggas be comin fake i'm comin real wit it
I'm sick as fuck so don't step to me and play me close
I'll have you hung from a motherfuckin phone post
Spice 1 is kickin that funky gangsta shit thats hardly pure
I won?t be needin a doctor
187's the cure
Because i'm quick to pick the phone up and say : fuck em all
This is an obscene phone call

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