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No Bills Bills Bills, lyric by Sporty Thievz

from the songs album unknown

Yea, sporty...we had to, we had to..sporty thievz(we had to)
Stealin it, still bird. sporty (right, uh-huh, huh, right,
Uh-huh, huh) sporty thievz

Verse 1:
Why you can't buy me a drink
Buy me a mink, pay for my link
Pay for my rent, pay for my cab
At least go half, throw me some cash
Throw me some ass
Fill my belly, with shrimp and spaghetti
Take me to the tele, let me use your celly
Take me to the movies, take me to bloomy's
Buy me jewelery, buy me some gucci
Buy me a coupe, feed me some fruit
Buy me some suits, buy me some boots
Pay for my cut, fuck when i wanna fuck
Lick me up, why don't you come pick me up
Why don't you meet me here, and meet me there
Pay my fair, pay for my beer
Pay my fones, pay for my loans, make me moan
Take me home

Ayo, why i gotta do this,
And why i gotta do that (why) huh? (why) huh?
Ayo, why i gotta do this,
And why i gotta do that (why is it you want my paper'z)
Huh? check it..
No billz billz cousin, chill chill cousin
No billz billz cousin, chill chill cousin
No billz billz cousin, chill chill cousin,
Chill cousin chill chill chill cousin

Verse 2:
I didn't wanna do this shit
I tried to duck it
But the public said hit the subject, fuck it
These billz, ok, i'll pay you
Look what i stole from your purse
Now who's playin who
Aye boo, i'm the type to trick you
Lied i payed your fuckin rent so they evict you, bitch you
At the bar like forget you, some cris
Bitch in this desert, i wouldn't even give you a sip

Verse 3:
Im lovin my life, and i'm tryin to duck is illz illz illz
I don't give a fuck about your billz billz billz

Verse 4:
Im sayin y'all, freak birdz know the time
Only thing i'm payin y'all is no mine
This a bad position y'all try to put me
First i had to wait for the pussy, now pay for the pussy?!?
I need a real sis with her own chips
Be on list, y'all chicks ain't get shit

Repeat chorus-

Verse 5:
Why i always broke
Ice my dough, buy your own coat
Buy your own smoke
Why i cant scrape, on the 1st date
Why i gotta wait, why you gotta hate
Pay my doctor, pay for my pasta
Buy my some lobster, buy me some vodka
You pay the tips, pay for my trips
Drive my whip, why don't you drive this shit
You'll pay amaaco, you pay the toll
Your friend got a roll, fuck nicole!
You pay the meter, and pay for my beeper
Charge my sneakers, with your visa
Cop me a r, wash my car, let me bar, yo call me tomorrow
Why we gotta spend, because we men
This shit gotta end, dog, tell them again!

Repeat chorus-x 2

This is for the streetz, nah mean?? streetz
We aint pay for shit!
This is for the clubz (cheapskate for life!)
Put da radio on playa!
Fuck it! this is for the streetz...(y.o.)
My niggaz told me to do this, independent women told me to do this, nah
Mean, had to do this
This is for the streetz....for da streetz
My niggaz on the block, we ain't givin you shit!
For the streetz
My niggaz on the block, my niggaz thats not
We aint payin for shit! (cheapskate for life!)

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