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Grouch Of The Day, lyric by Squeeze

from the songs album Ridiculous


I feel my chin hit my chest
As i do my best to stay calm
I feel my face start to ache
As i try to shake the alarm
As i roll on my side
There's a smile on her face
That says much more than words ever will
About how she maintains all the spirit she's gained
When i'm grouch of the day
When i've drifted away
And i'm moping around in a sulk
She'll have something to say
And i usually obey
Then i get my resentments in bulk
That's the price that you pay
For being grouch of the day

As my legs start to shake
The feeling is great and i'm gone
I feel butterflies wing
As she starts to sling music on
As she rolls on her back
With her smile full of charm
That says much more than words ever will
About how the delight of her good time tonight
Makes me look like i'm over the hill
Her beauty erodes
The desperate loads
Of pressure that fills up my day
With one smile all the stress melts away

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