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3d Melodie, lyric by Stereolab

from the songs album Mars Audiac Quintet

Hideous on the edge of a precipice
Their cavity filled up with forgetfulness
We know there's no retribution, only war
<<or possibly: we know there's no retribution, no reward>>
Their society overtly ...

The meaning of existence can't be supplied by religion or ideology
<<or possibly: the meaning of existence can supplied by living in an ideology>>
<<or possibly: the meaning of existence can be defined by living and not by theology>>
<<alternating with???: the meaning of existence can be supplied the ridding of ideology>>

Left to all the creativity we must find
The real significance that good and fearless defined
<<or possibly: the real significance that wouldn't be mystified>>

Their sense or nonsense that will emerge on a precipice
It's only the impact of the creative activity

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