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Girl Of My Dreams, lyric by Take 5

from the songs album Take 5

Ah yeah, i am ready
Cause i've been waitin' for this moment for a long time
And now that i have my chance
I'm gonna make this the best night you've ever had
Trust me you're the girl of my dreams
I'll say what she wants to hear
I'll do for her i don't care
I'll tell ya now if you're not aware
She's the girl of my dreams
Cuz only what i thought could be
Has become reality, heaven's doors have brought to me
The girl of my dreams

Look in the mirror and get yourself together
This is the moment you've been waiting for
Cuz it's time to make the perfect first impression, i will be courting the one i adore
Because i've waited, anticipated
That one day for me, that this could actually be
So i'm not gonna let this slip away then regret it
I will take this opportunity with a smile
I will make sure that tonight goes perfect
Give her the time that she will never forget
Do anything to please her because she is worth it
Cover all angles and be your best
(chorus 2x)
I'll say, i'll say, what she, what she, wants to hear
Cause she's the girl of my dreams
I'll do, i'll do, anything, anything, to please her
Cause she'd the girl of my dreams
My dreams, my dreams, are now, are now, reality
Cause she's the girl of my dreams
I'll treat her, her right all the time
Cause she's the girl of my dreams (yeah)
(chorus 3x)

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