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Read Between The Lines, lyric by Teen Idols

from the songs album Nothing to Prove

I know some true lies about you and I can't believe it when you do the things you do and think it's a secret what will you do when they find out and there's no denyin' all of your stories are filled with doubt 'cause you've been lyin' now when you come around who what where and how are the questions I'm left guessing so stop the lies and start confessing I know the places and the people say you've been around and they say they haven't seen you on their side of town how can you stand there smiling while your mouth denies the truth that's burning inside when I look into your eyes I read between the lies you must live life without regret and you must be lucky we haven't caught up with you yet south of Kentucky someday your game is gonna end and you'll be cryin' 'cause you'll be left without a friend and no more lyin'

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