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Kitten Intro, lyric by They Might Be Giants

from the songs album Then-the Earlier Years

There's something coming. there's a new car on the horizon. it's coming very slowly. it makes a noise. it has kittens painted all over it. with a new kind of fur. cleaner, but with a unique smel
T, one of these kittens is not prepared to have a good time. it stands alone. away from the crowd. it's your kind of kitten. now the time has come to climb into that car and to shake the paw of
No... no... they might be giants are not satanists. they are not posing as an easy-listening nazi rock band trying to lure intellectuals into believing what they already know to be true. no. lis
O the sound of my voice. put away your big blue cigars. and make way... yes, make way, ladies and gentlemen... for they might be giants!

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