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New Design, lyric by Thousand Foot Krutch

from the songs album Phenomenon

Verse 1
Wait, I might hesitate,
Am I a minute too late?
Please Lord, I need to know,
This pressure?s got me lettin? go
If I?m wrong, will I still carry on,
And end up where I belong?
I?ve never felt this way, before

I?ve never come so close,
I?ve never worn so thin,
I?m stepping out, instead of closing in
I left myself behind.
When I made up my mind,
No turnin? back this time,
This is my new design

Sometimes, I feel so alone,
It feels like I?m standing out here? on my own,
And I?ve never, felt so far from home,
it's comin? on, it hits me when I step
outside my zone (2 x?s)

Verse 2
I see, what you?re doin? to me,
'could of bin? you so easily,
but you look the other way,
Even though we were close the other day
And I?m still tryin? to get up this hill,
I need you just like a pill,
And I?ve never felt this way before



Do ya get the feelin?, everything will be alright?
I?m mo-vin?, so please to meet you,
But I-am-movin? on, tried to pass it to another,
But it?s comin? on, I can?t wait to find out
Break-me, I can't seem to climb out,
Of-this, hole, I?m stuck again,
If I?m not out in a minute, I?m jumpin? in,
Let?s start again
I?m sick of this

Let's just, get it out, are ya feelin' it?
Move back, ya wanna feel how real it is? (x2)

Sometimes I feel so a-lone!!!!!

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