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Everybody's Going To Heaven / King Kong Reggae, lyric by Todd Rundgren

from the songs album Todd

I remember, i remember
What life was like in the yard
'cause you can't ever think about dying
And it just makes a person get hard

I keep wondering if my friends feel like i do
I don't know how someone could stand it
To go through what i'm now going through

So every night we party
And every night we get too high
And i put myself so close to death
'til i think that i ain't gonna die

And i realize just a little
Why sometimes i like to feel like dirt
It's the only thing in this day and age
That can make me feel close to the earth

But if i ever get to heaven
If i ever reach that door
I will listen why i had to go through this life
Why they just couldn't take me before

But everybody's going to heaven
'cause already we've all been through hell

We're gonna laugh all night and cry all day
Watch the big monkey do the king kong reggae
A cadillac and a chevrolet
Watch the big monkey do the king kong reggae
The president of the u. s. a.
Watch the big monkey do the king kong reggae
Everybody fall down on your knees and pray
Here comes that big monkey doing the king kong reggae

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