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No Body Knows, lyric by Tony Rich

from the songs album Tony Rich Project

i pretended am glad u went away
this 4 walls r closing more everyday
and am crying inside
and no body knows this but me

like a clown a put on show
playing real even nobody notice
and am dying inside
and no body knows this but me

why didn't i said the things i needed to say
how could i let my angel get away
no my world is justa trembuling down
i can say it clearly but ur no wherer aroun

night are lonely da dais r so sad and
i just keep thinking the love that we had
and am missing you
and no body knows this but me

how cruel can i get u could ask my heart
fell like a jigsaw puzzle is been torn all apart
million words couldn't say judt how a feel
a million years from now u know i'll be loving u still

repeat chorus

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