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God Made Woman On A Good Day, lyric by Tracy Lawrence

from the songs album I See It Now

The sun smiled down, all the clouds rolled away
God made woman on a good day
Legs, long legs
Stretchin all the way up from the ground to her thin waist
She looks so fine walking this way
God made woman on a good day
Hips, feminine hips
She's got silky hair, sexy eyes, soft pink lips
Seein' all of that, all that i can say is
God made woman on a good day
Some like to cook, some like to dance
But every one of them likes a little romance
He made 'em all great in different ways
Something for a boy to appreciate
She's got sense, common sense
Like a bee handles honey, she saves that money
Before it's all spent
Now there goes the reason that the bills get paid
God made woman on a good day
(repeat chorus)
God made woman on a good day
Might have been a monday, tuesday, i don't know
Could have been a saturday night
From her toes to her head whe he finished he said
God made woman, i know thats right

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