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Never Again, lyric by Trademark

from the songs album Only Love

Have i told you lately
Baby you're the one i need
Since i met you baby
I'm not the man i used to be
I never thought to regret
All the things i've said
If i cold turn back the time
I still believe you could be mine

Never again
I'll be the same
Without you by my side
Never before i knew
Soemone justl like you
Never again
I'd be the same
If you believe in love
You are the one for me
You're all i ever need
I still believe

Now the times are changing
I miss the days when we were one
Feeling cold and lonely
Since the day that you've been gone
I never thought i'd regret
All the things i've said
If you'd believe one more time
I'd be yours and you would be mine


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