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Don`t Do The Crime, lyric by Ub40

from the songs album unknown

Don`t do the crime,
If you can`t do the time
It`s said that it just don`t pay.
But what good`s working hard
When all they give you is your cards
And you know there`s not much you can say.

So you take what they give
You`ve no money to live
And your family don`t understand.
After all these years
They will end up in tears
With a mountain of bills in their hands.


Now your lesson is learned
There`s nowhere to turn
And it`s no use pleading for help.
When you`re left on the heap
When you`re left on the heap
There is nothing to keep you
From going and helping yourself
From going and helping yourself.

The dilemma you`ve found
Is you`re morally bound
Now your morally bound
Now your moral code needs a review
So what do you care
You know life isn`t fair
And for years they`ve been stealing from you.

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