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No better love, lyric by Young Gunz

from the songs album No better love

Ooh Oh oooh yeah ?..x2
(Young Chris)
For the ladyz (for the ladyz)
ok girl
I wanna be yo mother ur father,brother sister your everything u know
Straight to the top baby

I think I might wife her u know powder blue Roc-A-Wear suit white nikez
My niggaz like her
She been with me through the grind , gurl u put on the top like Been liferz
Got tight used to hookie n chill so i tight plus she cook up a meal
Had to hook up 4 real more headaches and stress cuz a child involved
but its all good cuz her sex be my Tylenol
Best baby doll of all
Shit the rest of u childish broads give me the sex then I?m tired of ya?ll
So find the next to provide for ya?ll
Got my baby girl !
Plus she about to drop my baby girl
Forget about all the rumors you hear girl
I know a newer life soon will be here girl
And cant nothing fuck up that
Gotta to fuck with that
Cant find no better love than that
My baby girl!!

don?t stop giving me ur loving
Cuz my hearts been racing for ur loving
I wont give it up for nothing
Cuz there?s no better love

Girl u got me going crazy
U got me thinking bout u baby
would u be my one and only lady
Cuz there?s no better love

[verse 2:Neef]
Coming up I thought cupid was stupid
Only two loves my family and music
Fallen through something just couldn?t do it
It was the beginning of time
And u was like 9
But god damn u was fine
Used to stay on my mind
When I was out in my grind
Open up the bags when I?m chopping my dimes
The theretal spirils stood by me for the riddles
Popped up mad shit wit me n got me rentals
Sick with the plastic, what can I say
Bitches hate the way I had a lady
Gossiping watching him running back
Moved up north kinda fell of track
Still my peoples tho love when I see you tho
Once a while my car just to chill might ball
Forever my dog even when im downfall
1st in line whenever chicks involved BUT

^(HOOK) ^
[verse 3:Neef+(young Chris)]
we the youngest in charge so leave them other scrubs
We give you better love the same time as her baby I feel the same way as neef do
Spit the game as he do
If u can take two aint no need to bring ur people
Lingerie- see-through she got it going on oh that?s cant stop wont stop
We gott?em going home we gott?em all alone just us nobodys wrong imma hit u can hit ??????? yup

Ever since the day I saw ur face my mind told me u were the one that was down for me
and baby when I get laced I?m gonna do what u want ill be there truly
so don?t u let her think that ur turn around from the love you need
I don?t wanna play around with you cuz I know I found loving.

don?t stop giving me your loving
Cuz my hearts been racing for ur loving
And I wont give it up for nothing
Cuz theres no better love

Girl u gotz me going crazy
U Got me thinking about u baby
Could u be my one and only lady
Cuz theres no better love ??.x2
Ooh ooh baby yeah

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