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Nightmare Part II, lyric by Zutons, The

from the songs album Who Killed The Zutons

Last night I had a bad dream
And it blew my head away
And there was not solution
And I've been awake all day
And all I see is horror
And it creeps beneath my skin
And I'm knockin' for my nightmare
But it just won't let me in
There were Grandmas that were choking
And clinging to the necks
And the mothers they just lied there
While blood gushed from their heads
And the fathers they were screaming
While priests were being sick
And the vomit hit the ceiling
While the blood was running thick

And the goths all ran off naked
And the punks all started crying
And the rockers they all fainted
Cause there was no denying
That the hands of human nature
Had surely come to blows
And the end of earth is here
And only Jesus knows

But the fathers they were laughing
Down the public house
And the demons they all ran in
And threw the fathers out
And they stabbed them in their bellies
And they ripped off arms and legs
But the demons started joking
And had a drink instead

But the fireman they were on strike
So they could not resolve
And the army cut the phone lines
So they were not involved
And while all this was happening
I was fast asleep
With a very foolish nightmare
And memories I won't keep

So I woke up in the morning
With an idea for a song
And I knew that this would come out
And I know it wouldn't be long

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