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Vultures, lyric by Offspring

from the songs album N/A

Now I could lie by your side
All serrated for you
Down below cancer grows
Weeping waits inside you too
All our rage begs a stage
It's a waste of time though
And you style seems worthwhile
But this lonely road has turned And you faded there
They pretend to care
Vultures waiting
If you don't like me
Certify Me Yeah I don't know
Yeah I won't go
Yeah save it I'm okay

And in the sun a loaded gun
Makes for conversation
All the while in denial
It's too late for me to change

And you were unchained
Nothing more had changed
I could fake it
If you still hate me
Confiscate me

Oh we're jaded I don't know
Overrated I won't go
All serrated Save it I'm okay
Okay Yeah I won't play
Yeah go away
Yeah save it I'm okay

artist :Offspring
song :Conspiracy Of One
dir :O/offspring
album :Conspiracy Of One
submitteremail :Buttafly_ch@yahoo.de
submitter :Swisscheese

Red over white
It's one last fatal scene
Brought on by someone unseen
Moving on their own
Bring on the night
And bring us all to our knees
All are gone and none agreed
One who acts alone

Nobody wins
Nobody hears us fall
Nobody wins
When it's done
Conspiracy of one

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