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Get 'Em Hype, lyric by Amanda Perez

from the songs album Angel

see all the lovin' in the world

i'm with it

if you down we can split

i guarantee that you can feel it

giving you all my warm embraces

and if i give them to you

i guarantee they wont be wasted

touch on your face wit my fingertips

kiss you all over your body

with my soft lips

i whisper little things in your ear

tell you all the little things

that you love and deserve to hear

i must admit

i'm always looking in your pretty eyes

telling you i love you

when i tell the other fellows lies

and that's the way it's always gonna be

cause i gotta give my baby boo

everything he needs, see

and you don't even hjave to be asking

cause i know you want some action

from thislady thug

who'd be giving thug passion

the only girl that will have you

leaveing you on your knees

begging me please

for your keys to your mercedes

now what it gonna be


i get 'em hype, what tuh,what tuh,what

ap get 'em hype what tuh what

now i be the type of girl who walkes in the club

the brothas stop to buy me a drink and give me

a hug

but baby you ain't even gotta trip

cause what they want from me

i promise on everything i love

they ain't even gonna get

cause your the one i wanna make your heart skip

a beat

give you chills all the way from your neck

down to your feet

giving lovin' in every direction

giving you all my love

that your laking

but heres some satisfaction

from this lady thug

whoi'd be giving thug passioncause

i need you in my life

you can be my man

i can be your wife

show you things you've never seen before

turn off the lights

close the door

kiss you on your neck

puttingyour body all in check

nothing but love, no disrespect

boy you ain't seen nothing yet

i be the one

that be by your side

loving you to the day i die

giving you good love that make you cry

i can be bonnie, you canm be clyde

jump in your ride

hit your switches side to side

cause i need a man like you in my life


giving good love with a little bit of twist

on your body your gonna love to feel my lips

making your body shake from head to toe

make you say oh no no no no no

your gonna like it

when i do romantic things like that

especially when i slide my necklace

up and down your back

cause your talking to a true

your talking to a mack

so when your body get off gaurd

i'm gonna put it back on track

cause your the man for me

and i'm the A-M-A-N-D-A-P-E-R-E-Z

the only girl that'll have you

even on your knees

begging me please

for the keys to your mercedes

now what it gonna be

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