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Borders, lyric by 311

from the songs album Transistor

There are days i wanna leave LA
I wanna break out the maze
Escape the dark haze these days
So many kids i know your feelin' crazed
Craze materials thangs and makin' slave wages
Baggy pockets only got laudry fluff
Livin' where rich people always buyin some stuff
So you try to act tough and hide what's inside
Hold your head high gettin fucked up and throwin' dice
As bad as yours and and bad enough i'm sure
My heart wants to love but must navigate through war
Cuz seein' that we're wired to short circuit
Must mean the meek who will inherit the earth
Already work it

There's a land by the sand grab the money
Plastic the life end of the century
People actin fake can't see the omens
Wake up yourself cause change is comin
Theres a land by the sand grab the Mountain Dew
Hollywood is such a place fuelin the frenzy
And everybody starts to peep around corners
Before they take their snapple they know thier borders

In this $19.98 plus shipping and handling type nether-
World everytime merchandise dips in our coffers
We buy that imagine that cost of livin' uh huh
The fakest shit and act cool our friends are watchin
Attention shoppers check the section in your reflection
Don't you feel so good does it enhance your fresh Complexion
You gotta have it you got to have it x2

As the world turns and all the money we burn
On the bullshit to make us happy sometimes we never learn
We're self centered we think we're better
We look down as a people upon our elders

Theres a land buy the snapple grab the money
Now let go of it cause its dissolving
It created all your fears and kept you hustling
Made you sever all the ties to your family

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