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G-Unit Soliders, lyric by 50 Cent

from the songs album 50 Cent is the Future

feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo (G-Unit)
[Tony Yayo]
Yea... Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo [50 Cent]
Yea...Niggas salute me
Uh huh [Tony Yayo]
We takin over this shit (50 Cent) Yo [Tony Yayo]
G Unitttt [50 Cent]
G Unit soliders
(gun cocks)
Ride out [Tony Yayo]
Whatcha say whatcha say? [50 Cent]
G Unit solider
(gun cocks)
Ride out [Lloyd Banks]
I'm from the hood where the drop-outs is bangin for the feelin
For houses wit Tvs hangin from the ceilin (Lloyd Banks)
We gamble on ball courts
Keep the paint peelin
You either play ball or rap if you aint dealin
I'm stuck in the past
Shit changed since the 80s (What)
I know ladies, that got babies wit babies
Out here its basketball and speedbags
And guns that'll stiffin you up like freeze tag [Tony Yayo]
You can talk tough to them cowards that you pick on and beat up
And walk around town wit your whole fuckin re-up (Yayo)
Flashin singles, wit the 20s on top
While I'm ridin on 20s in the juky drop top
So never show love wit ya left hand
You'll lose 5 liters of blood a thug's a dead man (come on) (50 Cent)
G Unit soliders
(gun cocks)
Ride out G Unit solider
(gun cocks)
Ride out (Tony Yayo)
Home of the new right here (50 Cent)
G Unit soliders
(gun cocks)
Ride out G Unit soliders
(gun cocks)
Ride out [Lloyd Banks]
Niggas know I'm hot
But my ice cold enough to freeze whole towns (uhh)
Still follow the code Gs up hoes down (come on) I see you ballin and ya rocks is chilly
Now my G Unit niggas dont ride bikes
Dont pop-a-wheelie (blaaadt)
I aint straight I'm livin where its hot and sandy
And the Benz's complexion is cotton candy
I bounced up, thats the best part
You niggas don't know what pain is
The only scar on ya body's a stretch mark (stretch mark) [Tony Yayo]
Keep ya mouth shut, and keep ya ears open
Cause it's liver than P-89s when we approachin (what else)
Listen homie
We got AKs and Remintons
For niggas in the hood playin cowboys and indians
Ladies and gentleman we was born to ball
So if you see me in the club I'm in the bathroom stall
Gettin oral sex she bless the huey all night
She got a georgous neck the way she toss this dick (50 Cent)
G Unit soliders
(gun cocks)
Ride out G Unit soliders
(gun cocks)
Ride out [Tony Yayo]
50 whatcha say?? (50 Cent)
G Unit soliders
(gun cocks)
Ride out G Unit soliders
(gun cocks)
Ride out (Lloyd Banks talking over beat)
Yea...G Unit man..
We runnin the streets man
We takin this rap shit over man
This serious man its more then rap nigga
Mention this nigga 50 name nigga
I'm blowin niggas brains out nigga
Thats my nigga right there
Yea...it aint a game no more
Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks
Same go for them nigga
Blow ya fuckin head off nigga
G Unit klick
My nigga Proav L
Yea..he..the whole fuckin hood
134 nigga
We got yall nigga

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