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Right Here For You, lyric by 112

from the songs album Hot & Wet

baby u dont have to cry, so wont u wipe the tears from your eyes, girl I need for u to see right here
is where u know u need to be, whatever it is girl dont hesitate to call on me , u dont have to worry bout' a thang cuz i'll be right here waiting for u..ooh

whatever he wont do i'll do(i'll do it for u baby) whateva u need ill give to you (i will give to u ba..by) wheneva u cry
ill cry with u, baby just call on me and i will be right there(yeah) right
there for u.

whenever u think of me know that im thinking of you, and how can i get you to see that your somwhere u aint suppose to be, just give me
one chance to prove to you i'm a betta man, neva brake a part, youll always be my heart, whatever he wont do, u know ill do it for you.

whateva he wont do ill do(baby whateva just tell me) whatever u need ill give to you(i will give it all to you) whenever u cry
ill cry wit u(ill do it girl) baby just call on me and i will be right there (and i will be right there ooh)

Bridge: i'll do things for u that your man wont do
ill prove my love you girl I'll die for you, ill hold u tight,
all through the night to let you know it will be allright,
u are my world please be my girl, i promise you my love is true,
ill make love to you, ill take care of you girl im gonna show you that,
im right here for you(ooh baby)

repeat chorus2x

be right here for u..ooh , be right here for you..ooh fades out

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