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Dick Almighty, lyric by 2 Live Crew

from the songs album As Nasty As They Wanna Be


What the fuck is yo name mutha fucka??.

Long Rod?..

Thick frank??

Stiff Peter?stiff, stiff peter

I?m gonna let you guys in on a private personal part of my life, and ladies listen up?..I may just save your relationship

They took a dick from California, transplanted that mutha fucka to Washington DC and it fucked the nation?.

An answer?an answer??? and my latest thrill is to bust my nuts in a bitch?s mouth

That Dick Almighty ?all?almighty, that Dick Almighty?..all?almighty?.that dick??????almighty

Dick Almighty?s of no surprise?it?ll fuck all the bitches
All shapes and size

She?ll climb a mountain, even run the block
Just to kiss the head of this big black cock

He?ll tear the pussy open cuz its satisfaction, the bitch won?t leave its fatal attraction.
Dick so powerful she?ll kneel and pray, awaiting her time hoping soon to slay

That dick?.will make a bitch cry, when fuckin a bitch that?s tight in size
That dick ?.has got a spell on you, once it gets inside you?ll act a fool

That dick?.will make a bitch act cute, suck my dick bitch and make it puke
Jump up on it, grab it like you want it?
If you could wear a dick?bitch, you would flaunt it


Bitches are the one?s thinkin dicks get soft, they fuck one time and they got off
Thinkin its slick just to ride the dick, they?ll make a nigga cum and then he?ll quit?

But not the long one?I won?t play that shit, put her ass in the buck and kill the clit
Its 15 inches long, eight inches thick?last name almighty first name is dick

That dick?is a mutha fucka, I cant be pussy whipped by a dick sucka
That dick?will drive a bitch crazy, bitches wanna fuck when your tired and lazy
That dick?sometimes costs you money, don?t be blamed for a child that?s not yours dummy.
That dick?is a greedy bitch?s dinner?.I let a bitch feed before I go up in her


Bitches go crazy at the all night fuck, starting from the back then to the buck
Since a good dick is hard to find, I kill that pussy then fuck your mind

Bitches like the dick just claim defeat, forget the salad just eat my meat
They pay big dollars cuz they don?t dumb freaks, to spend time with the Dick the Almighty

That dick?will make ya cheat on yo man
Make you so freaky and hot in the ass
That dick?will make ya hurt yourself
When you don?t have dick you?ll finger fuck yourself
That dick?.is an awful thing but you bull-dykin bitches are fuckin up the game, rubbin belly to belly and skin to skin, fuckin like hell but aint no dick going in


When a women is about to grab my private personal parts??I want her to grab my private personal parts??grab my private personal parts

This record is dedicated to all you gals who don?t appreciate us men enough?
A Hard man is good to find?..a hard man is good to find

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