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Sheriff's County Line, lyric by 38 Special

from the songs album Drivetrain

In a place called Sheriff's County
There's a story goin' round
And it echoes through the swamps of FLA
About the sheriff and his daughter
That he guarded with his life
With a shotgun just to keep those wolves at bay

But she was a fire beyond control
No chains could hold her captive soul

Now the legend grows as days unwind
About passions strong and justice blind
To the reckless deeds that hide behind
The Sheriff's County Line

Now the sheriff had a deputy that he treated like a son
But he warned Calhoun not to see Estelle
'Cause he knew that she was trouble
Had her mama's wild side
And if he slipped he'd make his life a living hell

But flesh is weak and passion's strong
There in the backwoods around dawn
They say it was a murder in the first degree
When the sheriff caught them in the heat
Just one shot killed the deputy
On the Sheriff's County Line

One step closer to midnight
Sittin' there just waitin' to die
The young preacher asks if he's ready
To make his peace and speak his mind
He said ?Blood is thicker than water?
And my temper must've got out of hand
And just before they threw the switch on Old Sparky
He said ?I'd do it all over, Do it all over again?

Now Estelle is softly crying at the foot of her daddy's grave
As the preacher reads the bible verse out loud
You could see her eyes a wanderin'
As he turns another page
And she pulls him ever gently from the crowd

She tells him,
Oh she feels so all alone
And begs him to walk her safely home

And the madness starts all over again
Calhoun's curse is the preacher's end
Cause the forbidden fruit is the sweetest sin
On the Sheriff's County Line

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