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Look At It Rain, lyric by 5 Chinese Brothers

from the songs album Let's Kill Saturday Night

(paul foglino)

I found a stray dog, took him in
He ate right from my hand
A dog won't bite you if you treat him right
That's the difference between a dog and a man

Hey, hey, look at it rain
Coming down in great big drops
Hey, hey, look at it rain
Wonder if it'll ever stop

I bought a ring, said i'd be true
Like a fox caught in a trap
I left that ring like a fox's tail
I knew that i would not be coming back


I saw a bird
She sang more sweet than speech
I called out "come down to me"
But she just stayed there out of reach


We go walking two by two
And we're proud cause we don't have to run
But we walk because we can't fly
And we walk through this world one by one


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