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Midnight At The Liberty, lyric by 5 Chinese Brothers

from the songs album Let's Kill Saturday Night

(tom meltzer)

Midnight at the liberty
Jimi's playing berkeley
But he's playing much too quiet
Hope that it don't start a riot
I guess that's why the cops are here
Looks like they're decked out in riot gear
There ought to be a better way
For folks to make a buck

And we'd complain but we're too stoned
And if we leave we've got to go back home
Our parents might not be asleep
So we're staying at the liberty

Some stupid kid had no fear
He lit a joint somewhere toward the rear
A cop threw him to the ground
We were afraid to turn around
The kid, he started getting mad
He said the mayor was his dad
If the movie had been loud enough
We wouldn't have heard nothing at all


The kid must have been no one
Or the mayor didn't like his son
Cause the cops treated him pretty mean
From the theater we could hear him screaming
What strikes me most in retrospect
Is nothing happened that i didn't expect
I hear that movie isn't very good
But i guess i'll never know


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