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Big Boots, lyric by 5 Chinese Brothers

from the songs album Let's Kill Saturday Night

(stephen b. antonakos)

The alarm clock crowed an hour ago
I'm already running behind
If this one-eyed ford doesn't start
I'm never going to make it on time
Show up late just once more
The boss said he'd dock my pay
I head in through the side door
Grab my tools and i'm on my way

I'm going to work
I put my big boots on
I'm going to work
I will be working all day long
Passing the time 'til i get home
When my baby talks real soft
I take my big boots off

Welcome to my steady job
It's not what i would call a career
Pick it up and put it there
Pick it up and put it over here
They hold my raise up to keep costs down
And then they raise the price
The squeaky wheel is spinning around
I'm running like one of those mice


Pay day comes once a week
A day that i never miss
Run to the bank, cash my check
Got my money clutched in my fist
One for you, one for me
One for my uncle sam
One for a ticket for the lottery
It's all part of my plan


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