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Trust Me, lyric by 5 Chinese Brothers

from the songs album Stone Soup

(paul foglino)

I bet you get to feeling pretty well shot
Like you used to think a deal's a deal, but now you know it's not
And it don't matter if you work or steal cause there's no one behind the wheel
When a promise is just something you pretend that you believe
You can trust me


You can trust me
When there's no one left to trust
You can trust me
When it gets down to them and us
If a friend is all you want a friend is all i want to be
Trust me

I heard a spokesman for my generation
He said he was misquoted, he said it was just misinformation
When lowered expectation turns to quiet desperation
And you can't believe what anybody says even when it's on tv
You can trust me


People always say to me, you can't choose your family
But i don't think that's where it ends, cause you can barely choose your friends
And i'll tell you this for what it's worth, you get the that you deserve

These are words that no one ever means
These are words of lawyers, political machines
Smoke-screens, go betweens, vaseline and magic beans
When opiates and hypocrites are all there seem to be
You can trust me


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