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Better Days Ahead, lyric by 98 Mute

from the songs album 98 Mute

What is it this time?
That's got you dragging your feet on the ground.
And who is it this time?
Which son of a bitch is trying to bring you down?
Are you gonna just sit right down and whine.
Are you waiting for someone to come and hlep.
Superman won't come and save you in the nick of time.
So you better start to think about saving yourself.
Self respect and self control will pull you up
Because shitty times can't last forever.
Shake the dice and let them roll,
You will see that things are getting better.
Don't live life with blinders on,
Take a chance and never say never.
If you think your life is going wrong,
Then just kill time 'cause there's always better days ahead.
So what is it this time?
That's gotten your head into such a big mess.
And who is it this time?
Which son of a bitch has got you so depressed?
Are you gonna just give up give in die.
Have you bought into the bullshit that they sell.
When they tell you what to do you'd better ask why.
Nobody but you can save yourself.

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