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Fair Game, lyric by 98 Mute

from the songs album 98 Mute

What a surprise you're pulling teeth.
Everyday for you's a bad day.
Did you lose your job?
Did someone die?
What's the cause of all your suffering?
Always looking down on everybody else.
But what to the table you bring?
A shot in the dark.
Sarcastic remarks.
Think of all the fun you've been missing.
Start living life like there's no tomorrow.
For every grin a face of sorrow.
Life's an opportunity you'd better take it.
Everyday can be as fun as you make it.
Your whole life's ahead of you don't you realize.
A summer day wasted away wasn't the first time won't be the last time.
Did my phone ring or did you stay inside contemplating all your misery.
You probably think that life's not a fair game.
How can you tell when you're not even playing?
Your frequent bad moods and shitty attitude won't help you earn my sympathy.
Was your ego scarred so bad by heartache?
Don't you know it happens to everyone?
We've all had your fair share of bad breaks so stop thinking that you're the only one.
It can rip you up inside when it's pouring down on you.
Are you feeling angry again?
I know i've felt those rainstorms too.
When do the good times begin?
It's time to take control of your own destiny.
Are you feeling lonesome my friend?
Someone please answer me.
When does the misery end?

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