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Great Expectations, lyric by 98 Mute

from the songs album Class Of '98

When i look up at these hollowed walls of high achievement and storied victories
I can hear irony laughing ??cause you see pride where i see vanity
Impressing all of your friends has never been one of my intentions
My heart is set of different goals
I won't be a trophy for anyone
So sorry if i haven't quite lived up to your great expectations
You know if i could i'd walk on water for you but
I have limitations
Tell me when your ego gets hungry do you shake the smaller fruit off the family tree
And when you go to sleep do you forget to count the black sheep
Sometimes what's simple math to most doesn't add up when you get behind closed doors
A photo may speak a thousand words but do you really get the picture i just want a life to call my own is that too much to ask for
The fact is i've committed no crime here
And i apologize for nothing so open up your eyes and try to realize
That we don't share the same worldview
I don't mean to disrespect but don't you ever forget
That i can't live my life for you

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