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Will you be there for me, lyric by Aalina and Sana

from the songs album The Truth About Us

Didnt think I knew what I was doin
How could i be so blind?
Then you came and you showed me the reason
why i shouldn't cry.

Yesterday when it was freezing
You came and held me tight
Suddenly I knew what I was doin
cuz being with you felt so right

When im down will you come and bring me up?
When I fall will you come and catch me?
All I'm asking is boy one thing
Will you be there for me?

It was all day that i was thinkin
bout you and me
Dont even think of leavin
me here so lonely


Dont tell me how
Dont tell me why
These mean nothing to me
Dont tell me who
Dont tell me when
I really need this please



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