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Greta-x, lyric by Adam Ant

from the songs album B-side Babies!

Adam ant

Party's over it's time to change
Shoes away i neatly arrange
Next the hairdo
On the block
Put away my lovely frock

Underwear all tidied away
Thirty eight bust just for a day
Heels so high
My furs so fine
All a woman's things, they are mine
T.v. - t.v.

Oh, i'm a joyous glad t.v.
Why don't you come t.v. with me?
I know a girl who loves to dress me
Up like this and then caress me
To remind me of the way
I used to go both night and day
In femininity there's pride
We'll marry soon
I'll be the bride

Chi chi pamela or barbara
What a good girl you really are
Poetry is awful, so is your prose
What's your gender?
No one knows
T.v. - t.v.

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