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Cartrouble (part 1), lyric by Adam Ant

from the songs album unknown

I've got a pizzaland complexion
And bright green sox
I am the happy little face
On the charity box
But you don't look in my direction
You always look away
You thank the lord god above
That you were'nt modelled my way

Then i woke up
Right in the middle of a horrible dream
I woke up
I dreamt i was a spastic
But my boots were clean

You are a solid instigator
Of the human code
You held back the traffic
While i crossed the road
But please don't try to be a martyr
The good samaritan way
Because my silly cuban heels
Will give your games away

Then i woke up....

Pray for me (4x)
Then i woke up, right in the middle of a
I woke up
I woke up

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