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Gotta Be A Sin, lyric by Adam Ant

from the songs album Wonderful

Adam ant/marco pirroni/boz boorer

It's burning holes into my heart
To leave that face so tenderly
I know that i can't stop the pain
But oh the pain cannot stop me

Into a heart so lost and broken
An angel seized the pain
Swallow her breath hold her to my chest
I feel so warm in love again

Right from the first time i made love with you
I had nothing in life to compare that moment to
But it's gotta be a sin
Gotta be a sin
Gotta be a sin
Yeah it's gotta be a sin
Gotta be a sin
Gotta be a sin

I want to wake up really early
Want the first thing that i see
To be your eyes still softly closed
And your lips waiting patiently

I know the saddest sight in this world
Is you climbing out of bed
Vision you are clipping on that bra
Maybe we'll stay in bed instead

Cos nothing
Oh nothing
That feels that good can be street legal
Oh nothing
That feels that good
Has ever happened to me now

Just holding your hand is like making love
Just standing next to you is like making love
So let's tie our shirts together and rig up a sail
Just want to do the things we did before
Oh some more so

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