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I Did What, lyric by Adam Brand

from the songs album Good Friends

I woke up this morning smelling like lemons
Salt on the back of my hands
Mouth was so dry
I couldn't even spit My eyes felt
like they were full of sand
I called Troy Jenkins to see if he survived
My head pounding like a stone
He started reeling off things I did last night
And I cried out over the phone

I did what? I smooched who?
Oh tell me the boss wasn't there
And that I caused quite a scene
When I stripped off my jeans
And did a slide in my underwear
I did what? I mooned who?
Oh this time I guess I crossed the line
There'll be hell to pay
But what can I say
I must've had a real good time

Troy laughed and said some guy named Red's
Been looking for you all night
And oh by the way his girl said to say
"Just come back any old time"
Then he went down the list of the things I'd done
As I listened in misery I was thinking real hard
about leaving town And changing my identity

What can I say I had a bad day
I guess I just lost my mind
It's all just a blur
But one things for sure
I must've had a real good time

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