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Change Your Ways, lyric by Adeaze

from the songs album Always & For Real

My brother sing, Yeaahhhh yeahhhh yeahhhhh

Verse 1 ?
Many people think that playing?s alrite
Let me tell its not, your playing with something that?s hot, stop
Love is something that you shouldn?t mess with
Cos one day you?ll wake up and your missed by in heaven
Learn to be responsible for your life, sit down and face this way
There?s something we wanna say

Chorus -
Change your ways my brother can u help me sing
Change your ways yeahhhhh make the future a brighter day
For the next generation is on its way yeahhh x 2

Verse 2 ?
Don?t be dissing family; they love you
And if u feel they don?t there?s someone else to turn to
There?ll be times when you will feel depression
Stop thinking keep your cool, your someone who?s better
Drop the gun, don?t kill yourself, your someone
Take a look at me and Nainz, we?ll tell u we love you

Chorus x 2
Key Change
Key Change

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