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The Jones', lyric by Ahmad

from the songs album Ahmad

Don't let the jones' get you down

(get you down)
(don't let the jone's get you down)

[ verse 1 ]
Thinkin well it's the niggaroe back with my crew
Now what you wanna do
The jones', we on this, mic
So we'll fight to the finish
But i don't need spinach for me to do this
Pride in givin niggas pop-eyes, i'm large as buddhist
Rappers wanna be down, cause they think that i'm better than
They, but i'll be ok-solo like the letterman
Use my common sense to boom-shalaklak-boom
Then lock the room, get busy as i get busy
Sayin "don't let the jones' get you..."
But i'll hit you where it hurts, made you relapse in curves
When i throw verbs and nouns, any sound that i spit up
I have battle rappers usin they clappers because they don't wanna get up
They all wanna be like me, and so they re-write
Them wack-ass raps that they make and try to fake
So i break bones and holler "jones' forever"
Cleverest shit around
But don't ever let us get you down

[ verse 2 ]
Well, everybody says, "'mad, what are the jones'?"
Well, let's see, it's a posse, true, and it's a crew
But not really, so what i'm gonna do
Is combine em all and find a title that'll fit
We're a group of money makers from the west that be runnin shit
Fly like a discus, don't miss this, cause it's me, and
I win fights with more mic energy than a pre-amp
They listen to ahmad and the jones' in here rock
And roll with soul, then wanna copy like a xerox
Cause i mic-check and never once sound like das at all
>from a superman crew, so i do the impossible
Droppin y'all wack crews like missiles, then i whistle
Kendal'll bring the 808 until the party say, "the great
'mad is the king of the ring," because i bring
Funk that shakes the ground
But don't ever let us get you down

(and everybody wanna be like us
I think it's cause we on this mic
We're the jones', so)
Don't let the jones' get you down

[ verse 3 ]
Kick it, i'm back, never can lose, i'm the man when i wanna
Might gruff on rappers get ran like jackie joyner
The jones' everybody wanna be us, they be jockin
Cause we rockin the boat and in control like a remote
So i pack a 38-page rap book, put your gun away
And yell 'truce!' before i have to get loose and run away
With the title i've already won, don't mean to brag
Kendal blew up like a rocket, and i get down like a sag
I nag rappers that don't follow my lead, and if they need
Assistance they get dragged the distance in a bag
The jones' for life, throw up a j if they ever say
Who's runnin this town
But don't ever let us get you down

Don't let the jones' get you down

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