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Get Up, lyric by Akinyele

from the songs album Aktapuss: The Soundtrack

Yo it should be a crime
The way i murder these rhymes
I flip hundreds of lines
Cause i'm done hit this mic over 7 times
I shine
I glitter
In niggers pussy like cat litter
Who would ever consider this pepto bismol drinking nigga
Bring a ruckas and i'll start shitting on you motherfuckers
Cause the raps i give
They running through your ass like a laxative huh
I could get drastic
Like rupaul swing that dried dick
I get aggy when i hit
I get you boombastic
Cause akinyele only give you boom back shit
Original incredible lyrical hook for years
But y'all wasn't trying to hear
Like you hear them through (?) ears
I kick it loud and clear
Make you whisper like those motherfucking temptations is out
Hey yea
I end careers
By the pier like pliers
This mic get iced once i cream niggas like wires
Paper weight fires
Play them both sides of the fence like barbed wires
But i will make your whole entire empire retire
Once i'm dressed in army atire
All you hear is repeated gun fire
Leaving your chest heated like clunky dryers

(akinyele) hook
We came to fuck you right on up (3x)
So if you want to
Get up (8x)
I'll bust you down
We came to fuck you right on up (2x)

Even on a blind date
You couldn't get with me
I'll put these hot ass tecs on your neck
And give you permanent hickies
Leave you in lakes like ricky
Think that i was distributing whisky
The way niggas be riding on me tipsy
The rhyme chief maker, hittin punch lines
Like a rapper who slammed his sister loose leaf paper
It don't get no better than this
I got that medicine
For rock veterans
I'm bad to the bone like skeletons
Or some dracula shit
Biting mics turning niggas into vampires
Cause they can't get no light huh
Kid can't you tell
That it's the aki-nyele
I be holding this shit down like a bucket ina well
Jammed like hell
And plus i rock your dome without stones
The black stallion
Pack the certified chrome to make you think i'm italian
From the way that i roam
I drunk and stuck the microphones like boooo
Niggas think it's dial tones
And start looking for miss jones
You clones
Are soft like foam
I like rap superstars out of their twilight ass zone
Like doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
When n n n n n
What the hell you think it's the ak
You be like huh what
Like i'm yelling it's my beat huh what
Niagga don't sleep


We came to fuck you up (12x)


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